"Wisconsin artist Amy E. Arntson paints with water, and she finds it fascinating, beautiful and versatile, both as her medium and her subject."
Naomi Ekperigin, American Artist Watercolor magazine, Summer 2012

“From a few feet away you could be looking at a photograph. On closer inspection, the surface shifts. The images divide into lines: dark brushstrokes defined against translucent teal, or flashes of crisp white. What was deep and dark and mysterious-opaque-is revealed as a pattern of precise details, rendered layer by layer in transparent watercolor.
Amanda Henry/Wisconsin State Journal Oct 20, 2002

“Arntson in my eyes, is a phenomenon. Her watercolor paintings of wave patterns are at once expressionistic and photo-realistic. You'd swear they were color slides, but they aren't.

Simultaneously abstract and precise, they testify to water's regenerative role in the life cycle. They play wonderfully on the differences and similarities of photography and painting.”
James Auer/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Aug 22, 2000

“Her watercolors focus fully on the water, with its ever-changing life force, and pay no attention to surrounding land. They flow in rich details of light, shape and movement. Now Arntson's work is getting big-time attention.
Anna Marie Lux, Janesville Gazette, Dec 1, 2005